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The Spotty Bulbear

Pikipedia Notes[]

They have about one and a half times the health of a Red Bulborb, and their red spots constantly change in size, even after death. Returning a dead member of the species to an Onion produces 15 Pikmin sprouts, but a possible glitch may make carrying its body difficult in this game. They do not revive after they have been killed, but they regenerate if you take too much time to kill them.

Olimar's Notes[]

A midsize subspecies within the grub-dog family, the spotty bulbear's unique feeding habits set it apart from other grub-dogs. The spotty bulbear patrols a set path searching for prey, instead of passively feeding on creatures that wander into a limited territorial range. When entering bulbear habitat, it is wise to proceed with extreme caution until the bulbear's patrol path can be clearly identified.

Louie's Notes[]

For an unrivaled green curry, peel away the spotty bulbear's skin, pulverize the juicy innards, and stew until curiously fragrant.

Reel Notes[]

This rare species of bulborb has a certain indefatigability.


Some people joke around by calling this creature "Mr. Chapped Lips" hence the strange lip shape. It has the same stemmed eyes and has a more oval rump with black color and red spots that constantly change shape for no particular reason. These creatures patrol routes and have Dwarf Bulbears follow for protection. This beast only really dies when put in the captivity of an organic spaceship.