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Orange Bulborb
Orange As Always

Scientific Name

Oculus kageyamii orangium








Like other bulborbs, the Orange Bulborb has bulging eyes that come from a stem with the corneia probably supporting the stem and the eyes. It has a yellow eye color. The front half of its body is black, with two nostrils and a mouth. the mouth is half of the bulborb's length and has two outpointing white teeth. Its backside is Orange with black spots and has two short, black legs.

Olimar's Notes[]

This bulborb species boasts a garish color pattern, with deep orange body and black spots. The orange bulborb's yellow, bloodshot eyes make it clear that this grub-dog is excessively edgy and high-strung, making much easier to wake from deep sleep than other species in the bulborb family.

Louie's Notes[]

This bulborb's meaty flanks make for salaciously savory steaks that shouldn't be missed.

Pikmin Wiki Notes[]

Usually when there is one of these around, it is almost sure that there may be many Dwarf Orange Bulborbs around.