Hairy Bulborb

The Hairy Bulborb

Scientific Name

Oculus kageyamii folliculus








This creature has the same body structure as the Red Bulborb. The only diffrence is the colors and the hair. The Hairy Bulborb has a brown nose and a white glutteus maximus. The hair falls off because, when startled, this creature's skin tightens up and forms goosebumps that push the hair out for room.

Olimar's Notes

This subspecies of grub-dog has a thick coat of soft white fur that obscures its abdominal markings. The fur also warms its vital organs, making this species well adapted to colder climates. However, its hair follicles are surprisingly frail, which can result in immediate hair loss if the creature is surprised.

Louie's Notes

Remove all of the bulborb's hair, wrap the beast in foil along with a halved lemon, and place it directly on the grill. The foil should protect the carcass from scorching, and the lemon will give the meat an elegant hint of citrus.

Pikmin Wiki Notes

Once this creature's health has been lowered to half, its hair will fall off, revealing its blue spots, making it resemble its Breadbug mimic, though larger in size.

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